Thursday, February 23, 2012

Physical Attacks of Women's Bodies

    Why the obsession ?
    This anxious preoccupation with the idea that men have the right to dictate medical procedures for women is ludierous. What is even more obscure is the fact that this is being focused-on by a very select fringe element of the republican party.
    What started this outburst was when President Obama attempted to extend medical coverage for women from their employers insurance carriers. Occurring at the same time, the republican governor of the State of Virginia pressed it's state legislation to enact a law that would mandate that women be subjected to a transvaginal probe prior to receiving an abortion. 
    In the mean-time, the Catholic Church objects to President Obama's authority to make such a decision, citing the First Amendment as their reasoning not to abide. President Obama concedes and allowing the excetion places the financial burden on the insurance company.  
    History of the Roman Catholic Church is no stranger to mass suppression, beginnning with St. Augustine, (334 - 430 AD). It was his docttrines that establishes rule that still exists, definding divine grace, original sin and predestination to any and all religious orders to date. This is the same individual who has decided who was worthy to carry forth the teaching of Jesus Christ - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Currently, the Vatican within the its' Cathedral, lays vast amounts of writings, kept in secret that do not coinside with the writings and teachings of Jesus Christ as portrayed by those selected as well as those of the Old Testiment. 
    It is these same Sheperds or Priests who are responsible to carry forward the "WORD OF GOD"  from St Augustine to date who are raping young boys; forcing another to sunmit to sexual intercourse. Now, we have governors by definition of rape are doing the same to women. What's next republicans, go after men for having vasectomies?
    It should be noted that this writer has been a member of the Republican Party for well over 30 years and a baptised roman catholic, educated by nuns, christian brothers and jesuit priests.