Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mental Heath of Leaders in Congress

The Weeper of the House

Just how mentally sound are our Leaders who are in positions that affect the world and its' people it governs ?

Should there be enacted legislation that requires such leaders to be subjected to psychological evaluations?

Considering the history of American politics and its' players of this arena, Americans, you would think, would want to to know. I see a pattern developing and yet our news media seems to both ignore and unquestioned these trends. There are many of these leaders who come to mind when pursuing this subject however for the purpose of this study, examining it is just too encumbering, thus let us just do one at-a-time.

My subject for this moment is: John Boehner, the current Speaker of the House, who is also know as: "The Weeper of the House. We have witnessed a man who for unknown reasons suddenly bursts into crying spells. The clinical term is : "Involuntary Emotional Expression Disorder". Aside from any psychological reasoning such a syndrome that would manifest itself medically is associated to Multiple Sclerosis. Physical appearance of the subject would suggest that is not the case.

On the psychiatric argument of this however we see a history of emotional causes of such behavior which would suggest either neurotic or psychotic origins. Depending upon the severity whether emotionally induced or chemically influenced, this is a real manifestation to mental illness. It is predominant behavior to note when determining the type of disorder and usually establishes a basis in the classifying of Manic-Depression or just Clinical Depression.

A good determiner of any real diagnosis would be a various series of psychological tests, (IE) a multiple personality inventory assessment (MMPI) or such other proven avenues that are specific in assertion.

From all appearances of Mr. Boehner behavior, this is an individual who has some deep rooted problems that would interfere with his duties as Speaker of the House.

Our News and Press always brag that they are the watchers - hey - how about fulfilling this pledge. If ever there was a time to really stand-up and the signs are absolute . . . be the hero of our First Amendment.