Thursday, January 13, 2011



How does anyone recognize an insane person?

The recent events of Arizona's Shootings has left everyone shocked and outraged. Senseless slayings of innocent people shot down where they stood and a lone gunman to blame. Labelled "Mentally Ill"

Following the events of this deed - in steps 'THE MEDIA' with the analysis - the ever searching questions of the who's, what's and how's and the whys - how this could ever happen. Regular Americans, to include those who are suffer from Mental Disorders, stare at their televisions sets feeling the heart-broken incident personally.
My viewing of the event as always is through the analysis of MSNBC, for I trust this avenue, never watching Fox because their bias and distortion. It was The Ed Show, as Mr. Shultz states, "hit my hot buttons" when he made a comparison that those who suffer from mental maladies are and should be treated as those of "SEX OFFENDERS".
January 12th., there was a memorial event, with the President reaching-out to reassure the American people a calm, elaborated by words of open belief that we can all live in harmony. In these past two years our president has been depicted as Hitler, called a fascist, yelled at on the floor of Congress as a liar. That evening of the memorial program as Jan Brewer, the Governor of AZ approached the podium the mental visualized image of two deaths accredit to her in the transplant denials and the count continues. Here is a woman who should be arrested for murder and be made to account for her actions.
While the Congresswoman lies in that hospital struggling for her life the people who are truly responsible are still exercising their first and second amendment rights, continuing to use those of weak minds to go about their business of hate.
Words do cause harm, and yelling fire in the theatre is occurring without legal consequence. The Palins', Limbaughs' and Becks' of this world are as guilty as if they put the gun in the hand of the individual.
To make reference that those who suffer from real mental anguish should be treated as those who go out and do harm in sex offenses is just lunacy, irresponsible and down-right insane. I know what mental illness is on a very personal level, having to witness the effects of disorder as a son watching his Mother suffer beyond pain without bleeding a drop of blood. We currently have a congressman who holds the title as speaker of the house who suffers from mental depression - so severe that he cannot control his actions. Maybe Mr. Shultz, we should treat him as we would a sex-offender too!
I thought that after Bush left office some civility would return, however it appears it has become more entrenched with hate and divide. The idea of putting the spot-light back on mental illness is good after Reagan decided to open the doors in freedom without any real thought to the " CONSEQUENCES".
Yes, words do evolve to actions, and it is those deeds that kill. Sarah Palin needs to go quietly into the corner of silence, Rush should be left to his drug-ridden life-style and well, Beck - he needs to just shut-up!
Mr. President, I wish you the best, and truly you can make some head-way but I fear the real evil doers will win in the end. . . their money has no bounds . . .