Thursday, September 21, 2006

Apology Unacceptable Mr. Olbermann

Recently, Keith Olbermann, the host of MSNBC's Countdown stated before his viewers that BUSH owed the American People an apology for his words that it is "Unacceptable to Think" after General C Powell, former Sect. Of State, made a concerned comment over the torturing of POW's

We can not accept an apology from a man who, as Bill Maher has congenially suggests, sat in a classroom reading a book to children for seven minutes after he was informed that our country was under attack nor can we accept an apology from an administration that has chose to ignore repeated warnings of the imminent threat of such an attack.

There can be no apology for the continued circumventing of laws to our U.S. Contitution, the fabrication leading into the war with Iraq, the death of our children of the military, the innocent lives of both the Iraqi and Afghanistan's and the insurmountable costs that now burden our country's debt.

How does anyone find it in their heart to forgive their leader who was found asleep at the helm while the residents of New Orleans were left to drown, their homes washed away?

How many times can we say: " I'm Sorry "? After awhile the phrase becomes meaningless, the act empty of sincerity! No Mr. Olbermann, apology is unacceptable!

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