Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Image viewed within the Hearts & Minds of America

If I were able to capture an image that depicts a representation of where America is heading . . . The TITANIC comes to mind. With George W Bush at the helm and our country steering ever so close to a huge iceberg; our captain is ordering to "STAY THE COURSE"!

Humanity has within themselves a special ability, a six sense to danger or safety when interacting with each other. It has actually saved my life on two occasions where my existence was on the line. We learn to trust these feelings and regard them sometimes as "Divine Providence". After all, trial & error is the best teacher but that gut feeling that will not go away turns out usually to be right!

Here is what I believe: . . . Every thinking mind in America senses that there is: "something just not right, the story does not add-up or appear truthful" . . . "Something is wrong . . . just cannot put my finger on it . . . " !

Here is what I know: . . . The day that, the United States Supreme Court was asked to decide on the presidential election and when Bush broke tradition by not walking through the gates of the White House due to protestors throwing eggs at him, a feeling of doom overwhelmed me. Every sense became alert - the divide of our Country apparent. This was pre "911 event era" yet I felt that special sense kick-in!

A great deal of events have occurred post the egg-throwing, beginning with the attack on America, to the latest; Bush signing into law an act that violates the very fiber of the United States: . . . "Our Constitution".

"HABEAS CORPUS" - The meaning is basic to freedom, "Produce the Body before a court of law". A writ from a American Citizen challenging their illegal incarceration. Why in God's Name would our congressional leaders allow this basic right to be surrendered? More importantly, why would a President ask for such enactment? I may have some answers . . . I think!

There is a bigger picture here to see, and the players in this scheme are the wealthiest and influential people in the WORLD. How many times have we heard the pharse: "NEW WORLD ORDER" ? Now, allow me to introduce to you " THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SKULL & BONES".

more to follow . . . under COMMENTS in order of events - all are welcomed . . . Is Matial Law on the Bonesmen agenda?


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