Sunday, September 24, 2006

The United States Constitution - The Nation . . .

America and it's citizens are defined as a nation by our CONSTITUTION - declaring allegiance to a democracy - ruled by a majority - united as a people with liberty and justice for all.

It is this very principal that other Nations view us for what we stand for and judge by as a Goverment.

I started this blog a few years post the "911" event. My life prior was at best: uneventful. As I walk through my neighborhood , suddenly I see "House for SALE" signs posted by the dozens!

I turn on television: Death occurring at mass around the world; the globe that I live on is "WARMING" ! It is filled with stories of sex scandles, deviant behavior, millions of tax payer dollars missing, unacountable - fraud cases involving both side of government, lobby swindles and the list becomes endless. Just when think you heard it all .

Today, my daily walk through the neighborhood will include yet one more sale sign added, turning on the television and just when you think you saw it all . . .

damn - it just does not stop!

Thrusady evening, Keith Olbermann again faced the American People to Ask BUSH:
" Do you not have any shame. . .Sir"? Countdown - MSNBC

Friday morning; I hear Don Imus and Cong. Haywoth, R (AZ) discussing the Foley DEED! Twenty seconds into this exchange, Mr. IMUS has manage to express the real sentiment viewed by every american!
Our Constitution is under attack from within ??????
I know my readers are few in number but if just one would pass this message along, maybe we as americans can save our country.

Considering the climate of the Republican Party I do not see how DEMS can lose the upcoming congressional seats . . . and if they do, they need to pack it up and move their tent!

I believe in the United States Constitution and anyone who violates our laws belong in jail. No matter who that person may be or what public office they may hold!


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