Friday, June 24, 2005

What is the truth - The 911 Attack

What is the truth regarding the 911 attacks on America? Certainly not what has been reported by the Bush Administration nor by the main-stream media at large.

We have viewed countless videos of the actual footage taken that day at the sceens and none of it makes any sense whatsoever. The poeple who were there on the streets while it was happening tell a different story - from the firemen who were risking their lives to the average John Q Citizen who watched it unfold before their very eyes.

People on the streets were heard yelling in horror, all with the same voice . . . " THAT WAS NO COMMERICAL AIRLINER . . . IT HAS NO WINDOWS . . ."

The firemen explain in specific detail how the detenations of the twin towers were conducted as if orchesatrated by an outside entity, simular to pre-set ignition as one would do to pull a building.

I have a friend who had been vacationing at the BIG APPLE on that eventful day. This friend is one of those real camera buffs - man he has every gadget one can have including a telephoto lens. These pictures that were brought home show an aircraft, somewhat blurred, but clear enough to show a large plane with some type of brown logo appearing on the fuselage, no windows - sporting a rather large cylindrical like object beneath the belly of the craft.

Now you may say - that is not possible but I tell you this is fact! I could not believe it myself and did some of my own detective work and America hold on to your hats, . . . you are not going to believe this !

The purported attack on the Pentagon could not have happened as it was stated or reported. If you talk with any civil engineers who have an opportunity to view the pictures of that site. ( I have attached these below so you can be the judge yourself) they will tell you the same - no way Jose'

Here we have a large hole within the structure of the Pentagon that does not match the size of the plane nor is consistent with any explosion other than a pre-set detenation simular to that of the twin towers. What is more striking about this particular site is there were no bodies, no plane debris, nor luggage, not even the ground had any marks to show that an object hit the Pentagon.

None of the details match the circumstances - which can only mean one thing . . . America, we have been down-right lied to and mislead.

See for yourself :