Thursday, February 23, 2012

Physical Attacks of Women's Bodies

    Why the obsession ?
    This anxious preoccupation with the idea that men have the right to dictate medical procedures for women is ludierous. What is even more obscure is the fact that this is being focused-on by a very select fringe element of the republican party.
    What started this outburst was when President Obama attempted to extend medical coverage for women from their employers insurance carriers. Occurring at the same time, the republican governor of the State of Virginia pressed it's state legislation to enact a law that would mandate that women be subjected to a transvaginal probe prior to receiving an abortion. 
    In the mean-time, the Catholic Church objects to President Obama's authority to make such a decision, citing the First Amendment as their reasoning not to abide. President Obama concedes and allowing the excetion places the financial burden on the insurance company.  
    History of the Roman Catholic Church is no stranger to mass suppression, beginnning with St. Augustine, (334 - 430 AD). It was his docttrines that establishes rule that still exists, definding divine grace, original sin and predestination to any and all religious orders to date. This is the same individual who has decided who was worthy to carry forth the teaching of Jesus Christ - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Currently, the Vatican within the its' Cathedral, lays vast amounts of writings, kept in secret that do not coinside with the writings and teachings of Jesus Christ as portrayed by those selected as well as those of the Old Testiment. 
    It is these same Sheperds or Priests who are responsible to carry forward the "WORD OF GOD"  from St Augustine to date who are raping young boys; forcing another to sunmit to sexual intercourse. Now, we have governors by definition of rape are doing the same to women. What's next republicans, go after men for having vasectomies?
    It should be noted that this writer has been a member of the Republican Party for well over 30 years and a baptised roman catholic, educated by nuns, christian brothers and jesuit priests.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mental Heath of Leaders in Congress

The Weeper of the House

Just how mentally sound are our Leaders who are in positions that affect the world and its' people it governs ?

Should there be enacted legislation that requires such leaders to be subjected to psychological evaluations?

Considering the history of American politics and its' players of this arena, Americans, you would think, would want to to know. I see a pattern developing and yet our news media seems to both ignore and unquestioned these trends. There are many of these leaders who come to mind when pursuing this subject however for the purpose of this study, examining it is just too encumbering, thus let us just do one at-a-time.

My subject for this moment is: John Boehner, the current Speaker of the House, who is also know as: "The Weeper of the House. We have witnessed a man who for unknown reasons suddenly bursts into crying spells. The clinical term is : "Involuntary Emotional Expression Disorder". Aside from any psychological reasoning such a syndrome that would manifest itself medically is associated to Multiple Sclerosis. Physical appearance of the subject would suggest that is not the case.

On the psychiatric argument of this however we see a history of emotional causes of such behavior which would suggest either neurotic or psychotic origins. Depending upon the severity whether emotionally induced or chemically influenced, this is a real manifestation to mental illness. It is predominant behavior to note when determining the type of disorder and usually establishes a basis in the classifying of Manic-Depression or just Clinical Depression.

A good determiner of any real diagnosis would be a various series of psychological tests, (IE) a multiple personality inventory assessment (MMPI) or such other proven avenues that are specific in assertion.

From all appearances of Mr. Boehner behavior, this is an individual who has some deep rooted problems that would interfere with his duties as Speaker of the House.

Our News and Press always brag that they are the watchers - hey - how about fulfilling this pledge. If ever there was a time to really stand-up and the signs are absolute . . . be the hero of our First Amendment.

Thursday, January 13, 2011



How does anyone recognize an insane person?

The recent events of Arizona's Shootings has left everyone shocked and outraged. Senseless slayings of innocent people shot down where they stood and a lone gunman to blame. Labelled "Mentally Ill"

Following the events of this deed - in steps 'THE MEDIA' with the analysis - the ever searching questions of the who's, what's and how's and the whys - how this could ever happen. Regular Americans, to include those who are suffer from Mental Disorders, stare at their televisions sets feeling the heart-broken incident personally.
My viewing of the event as always is through the analysis of MSNBC, for I trust this avenue, never watching Fox because their bias and distortion. It was The Ed Show, as Mr. Shultz states, "hit my hot buttons" when he made a comparison that those who suffer from mental maladies are and should be treated as those of "SEX OFFENDERS".
January 12th., there was a memorial event, with the President reaching-out to reassure the American people a calm, elaborated by words of open belief that we can all live in harmony. In these past two years our president has been depicted as Hitler, called a fascist, yelled at on the floor of Congress as a liar. That evening of the memorial program as Jan Brewer, the Governor of AZ approached the podium the mental visualized image of two deaths accredit to her in the transplant denials and the count continues. Here is a woman who should be arrested for murder and be made to account for her actions.
While the Congresswoman lies in that hospital struggling for her life the people who are truly responsible are still exercising their first and second amendment rights, continuing to use those of weak minds to go about their business of hate.
Words do cause harm, and yelling fire in the theatre is occurring without legal consequence. The Palins', Limbaughs' and Becks' of this world are as guilty as if they put the gun in the hand of the individual.
To make reference that those who suffer from real mental anguish should be treated as those who go out and do harm in sex offenses is just lunacy, irresponsible and down-right insane. I know what mental illness is on a very personal level, having to witness the effects of disorder as a son watching his Mother suffer beyond pain without bleeding a drop of blood. We currently have a congressman who holds the title as speaker of the house who suffers from mental depression - so severe that he cannot control his actions. Maybe Mr. Shultz, we should treat him as we would a sex-offender too!
I thought that after Bush left office some civility would return, however it appears it has become more entrenched with hate and divide. The idea of putting the spot-light back on mental illness is good after Reagan decided to open the doors in freedom without any real thought to the " CONSEQUENCES".
Yes, words do evolve to actions, and it is those deeds that kill. Sarah Palin needs to go quietly into the corner of silence, Rush should be left to his drug-ridden life-style and well, Beck - he needs to just shut-up!
Mr. President, I wish you the best, and truly you can make some head-way but I fear the real evil doers will win in the end. . . their money has no bounds . . .

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I once received a "BRANDING" from an associate some many years ago. The individual said to me, " . . . you are our Conscience"! That label is what I consider the greatest compliment I could ever receive.
We have a real need in our political system for a Party of Conscience, not obstructionists. Ralph Nader and Al Gore types, watch-dogs, individuals who possess deep concerns for our United States Constitution.
These types are necessary, prescribed by the Authors of our Declaration as a Nation, thus the two-party system - but current congressional leaders lack CONSCIENCE.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is This What Choice America Has For Election Day


We did get the best from the choice at hand.


Our Children

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"The Rosie O'Donnell Factor"

Joe Scarborough
Rosie O'Donnell
Since when does a newsman think he can tell a television network executive that someone should be fired?
I have no great love for Ms. O'Donnell her sexual deviate lifestyle personally lends a certain prejudice in me whenever she speaks out. I have gained some respect for her when after learning that she donated $300,00.00 towards the new hospital in Texas for the soldiers.
In my world,that is what I call:
How much has Joe Scarborough given . . . ?
Americans do have serious doubts regarding the circumstances on 9/11. How does a $70 Million Defense System fail . . . not once - but five (5) times ?
Instead of attacking these people and telling them to shut-up how about proving them wrong. Science is a wonderful thing and am inclined to believe them when backed by Professors of Physics, Engineering and Math.
Anyone who can handle a slide-ruler will conclude that the hole in the Pentagon does not match the size of the aircraft.
Maybe we should be calling for Scarborough to be fired too - jeez ~ where is Donald Trump when you really need him ?